Rama Satria Claproth, (born May 29, 1983, Bandung, Indonesia) is arguably the only blues guitarist in Indonesia who has performed together with Double Trouble (band of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan), Band Of Gypsys (band of the late Jimi Hendrix), BB King, Slash, Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith, Les Paul, Johnny Winter, Lance Lopez, Joe Bonamassa, Wes Jeans, Chris Duarte, Tyler Bryant and many others.


His late mother was Spanish and his father is German-Indonesian. He began playing guitar at age 10, figuring out Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Albert King licks from his record collection. At age 14, he formed a band called “JaQue MaTe” with his two younger brothers Arya and Joshua. During the years he was obsessed with the blues and apart from his band, “JaQue MaTe”, Rama was also an endorser and a clinician for Fender Musical Instruments. Today he is endorsed by Radix guitars and Cora amplifiers which are Indonesian music products.


Among the blues guitarist in Indonesia perhaps only the name of Rama Satria Claproth is very well recognized in many countries. In 2001 Rama along with his younger brothers went to Boston USA to produce their debut album “Tabasco Woman” released and was surprisingly sold 50,000 copies in just a few months time. Even the album managed to peak on the second after Eric Clapton in Bandit Blues Radio in the USA remarkable achievement considering they compete with many other senior blues musicians.


A few months later after releasing his first album in the US, Rama and his family returned to live in Indonesia. They more often appear at various events such as Soundrenaline, Java Jazz Festival, MTV ASIA, Metro TV, TVRI, RCTI, TRANS TV, and CNN LIVE. In 2008 Rama started his solo career forming “Rama Satria & The Electric Mojos”.


Please note also that Rama speaks very fluent Indonesian language especially the Sundanese language too. So do not be fooled by his “bule” looks…


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